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Scanguard was another hit with our review team, offering customers a refreshingly simple to use software package. It was clear that their product was going to be a market leader from the outset, with competitive pricing and outstanding value thanks to the integration of a number of quality features beyond simply anti malware. Their primary focus is based around safeguarding all the devices of their users, which is shown instantly as they offer protection for 3 devices at no extra cost (available with the cheapest option). ScanGuard only offer 1 product, so you won’t find yourself with another decision to make beyond picking the brand.

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    Overall rating


The factor that puts ScanGuard head and shoulders above the rest - their antivirus product’s value is magnificent when compared to the other options in the industry at the same price point. To achieve the same level of protection without ScanGuard, you would very quickly run up a bill near the $300/year mark. Scanguard charges less than 5 bucks per month a fifth of what you would pay for the same functionality. When choosing an antivirus product, value for money should be at the top of your priorities list. There are many companies to choose from and tens of products from each, value for money is the best way to sort the worthy options from the rest. In our opinion, ScanGuard comes out on top!

Reliability and Security

Reliability and Security

Lets bring focus back to the core function of the software - the antivirus. Whilst we don’t have data from comparative organisations, we can certainly vouch for their reliability from our own usage. The product provides the same anti malware functionality (full system scans, background scans and real-time scans) as the most highly regarded companies in the industry, so we have no reservations in testifying their efficiency in protecting your device from threats. The program is perfect for those who are totally or even slightly not technical - installing the software is extremely easy and using it takes minimal effort.

Support and Customer Service

Support and Customer Service

Scanguard haven’t held back in any area, especially with support. If you have an issue, you can have it resolved in seconds by using their chat feature. The chat feature enters you into an instant messaging conversation with an engineer from the company. When we tested this feature it took only a few seconds to connect with someone from ScanGuard, which made the whole process extremely smooth. After all, when you hit a roadblock, the last thing you want to do is have to wait a few days to hear back via email! If you are more old school, you can email or phone their support team.



ScanGuard can protect and enhance a number of devices very well. It’s hard to brand their antivirus as such because protection from malware is just one part of the software. In actuality, Scanguard is a security suite and an enhancement program in one: features like File Protection and Startup Optimization take their software from a standard antivirus to a PC Protection market leader. The startup optimization is extremely impressive, despite sounding very simple. There are companies who exist solely to offer software which optimizes a PC’s performance, so to have this included at no extra cost is something special.

Customer Opinions & Reviews

Tilly - 1 week ago

support is great and the product is even better. so happy

Adam Petterson - 2 weeks ago

Great program!! Love the support feature!

Ken Doughtey - 2 weeks ago

Nice app. Well done on a great product!

Jay Pearson - 2 weeks ago

One word! AWESOME!! Really good, easy to use and fantastic customer support!

Ken Doughtey - 3 weeks ago

Nice app. Well done on a great product!

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